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According to the W3 Tech Web Tech Survey, only 39% of websites on the internet make use of a Content Management System (CMS). 

That is astounding!

This means 61% of website owners can’t make changes to their content without relying on 3rd parties and costly website maintenance contracts, or by employing expensive staff to make the changes for them. 

A good CMS should be a vital part of your online marketing strategy.  The ability to easily manage your own content means you can keep your content fresh, a vital part of SEO.  A CMS will allow you to delegate your website updates to existing team members rather than having skilled developers do it for you.  It also makes your business agile – so you can make quick changes to react to market trends, or take advantage of a new opportunity that arises. 

Read our recent blog post “7 Business Benefits of a CMS” for more thoughts on why we think a CMS is such a vital tool.

There are a myriad of CMS options out there, which can make choosing the right one a difficult task. 

We have just launched De Facto CMS 2.0 – a tool that has literally grown out of the needs of our customers.   These requirements have driven us to create a product that is flexible, intuitive and above all easy to use.  And it is not industry or market specific either, it was designed to be generic enough for anyone from any industry to use.

Here then are 12 compelling reasons to consider De Facto CMS 2.0:

  1. We are the developers of the software, so you are dealing directly with the source, and you can impact future development.
  2. Unlike many other systems out there, we offer In Line Editing. This means you can see your changes straight away, without having to create content offline and preview/publish to see the changes.
  3. Integrated e-Commerce - At De Facto Software we specialise in end to end solutions. As such, our CMS is also a fully integrated e-Commerce system. So you can manage your marketing or informational content right alongside a built in Product Catalogue, allowing management of your e-Commerce products in the same user friendly environment.
  4. The De Facto CMS system can be deployed standalone or integrated to our De Facto ERP.
  5. Multi Language Options make it easy to set up local language preferences and make them available for your international users
  6. We offer simple to use Admin Features, allowing you to manage your entire website from a single set of Admin tools.
  7. You can use predefined Templates to make it even easier to create great looking content that meets your branding guidelines.
  8. Built in Heat Maps let you analyse where on your pages your visitors are looking on your website and track their journey, allowing you to optimise your site based on immediate audience feedback.
  9. Security Roles enable you to manage who can view/edit/add pages on your site, giving you the control and flexibility to delegate updates.
  10. We provide Dynamic Routing functionality, which enhances Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  11. We also offer advanced functionality such as Metrics, a Token Editor, and Scripting to name but a few ways you can utilise our powerful features to get the most out your website.
  12. You will be fully supported by the developers of the software. So you can rest assured that you will be talking to people who know their stuff. Furthermore, our crack support team will be on hand to help you through any teething problems, and offer priority support for customers who have mission critical systems.


If any of this sounds interesting, get in contact today – we would love an opportunity to give you a demo.

Alternatively take a look at our website, which is built on De Facto CMS 2.0

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