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This year has been a particularly busy one for our team of web developers, and the latest launch to go live is the improved e-commerce website of long-time De Facto Software customer Richard Dawes Fine Wine.

We first worked on the wine trader’s website back in 2011, transforming it from a purely informational site to a fully functional online sales portal. Having already witnessed improved sales as a result of this, Richard Dawes asked us to expand the potential of their e-commerce site even further.

The site is now fully responsive.

One of the main improvements is that the website is now fully responsive, which means it is as easy to use on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad as it does on a desktop computer. Features like larger buttons on touch screen devices and increased text sizes on smaller screens will help the company retain more website visitors and, ultimately, convert more of these visits to sales.

Behind the scenes, the website has been upgraded to version 2 of the De Facto CMS (content management system). Unlike a lot of content management systems, De Facto CMS enables users to edit content ‘in line’, i.e. on the page itself rather than in a separate window. This reduces errors and makes content control even quicker and easier, as site editors can see their changes take effect as they make them.

In addition to our work on the website, Richard Dawes also asked us to create a bespoke email campaign template for MailChimp. Unlike MailChimp’s default templates, the appearance of the bespoke template is in keeping with their brand colours, fonts and other visual aspects.

Much like our CMS, anyone who can use Microsoft Word can work with a MailChimp template. It really is as simple as double-clicking to change an image or highlighting to replace a paragraph of text. Thanks to our bespoke template, Richard Dawes will be able to create email marketing campaigns quicker than ever before and drive even more traffic to their product pages. An example of an email marketing campaign created with our template is displayed on the right.

To take a look at the improved website, visit

Example mailer

Example campaign


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