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Since going live with their new e-commerce website back in February 2013, Hill’s Panel Products (HPP) has experienced substantial growth in their online sales. The furniture distributor’s monthly turnover is now more than double that of what it was back in 2013 and this is in part due to its feature-rich website, designed and developed by De Facto Software in collaboration with HPP’s marketing manager.

Not just your average e-commerce website

Hill's Panel Products Glide Silding Door Builder screenshot

The Glide Sliding Door Builder allows visitors to build a custom product in a step-by-step fashion

With HPP operating in such a competitive marketplace, our team of web developers really went the extra mile to build a website guaranteed to keep customers coming back. The website was built with the goal of providing an outstanding user experience and is packed full of impressive features to achieve this.

One of the most successful of these is the online ‘product builders’, which allow visitors to customise a product in a step-by-step fashion.

For example, HPP’s Glide Sliding Door Builder allows customers to ‘build’ their own door, customising everything from the length to the materials and the colours.

Features like the product builders make buying from the company a memorable, enjoyable experience.

Seamless ERP integration

Hill's Panel Products Account Dashboard screenshot

The 'Your Account' Dashboard provides customers with options for tracking orders, viewing their saved products and changing their payment details

Unlike many other ERP providers, we offer web development services as well as ERP implementation and support. This is highly beneficial for our customers, as it means they can have a website that integrates seamlessly with their ERP software, rather than their staff having to spend time feeding through information from the website to the ERP system and vice versa.

In HPP’s case, this integration means that once an order has been submitted on the website, the operators in the warehouses receive it almost immediately and can start the picking process or begin assembling the custom product.

Data from the ERP system is also fed back to customers on the feature-rich account dashboard page. Here, the customer benefits from full visibility of their order history and outstanding orders. Real-time integration means customers can even track their orders from start to finish.

Improvements across all sales channels

Thanks to the newly added ‘customer emulation system’, the website has also had an impact on customer service beyond online orders. Now, if a customer calls to make a telephone order, sales staff can log in as that customer and complete the step-by-step order process online while their customer outlines their requirements on the phone.

This is particularly useful when the customer wants to make a custom order, as sales staff can simply use the online product builder on their behalf.

Likewise, if a sales rep is having a face-to-face discussion with a customer, the emulation system can be used to make the order process more efficient.

Hill's Panel Products - Customer Emulation System screenshot

The Customer Emulation System allows HPP to log in as a customer and complete actions on their behalf

No more abandoned shopping baskets

In addition to enhancing the phone sales order process, the customer emulation system allows Hill’s Panel Products staff to take over an online order if a customer is unable to.

An example of this would be if the customer lost connection to the internet in the middle of an order: the customer emulation system allows staff at Hill’s Panel Products to pick up where the customer left off and carry out the remaining steps of the order process.

This both improves customer satisfaction and ensures the sales opportunity is not missed.

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