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Quite often, when you hear about CRM software, the focus is on how such systems can be used by your sales people. However, CRM software has so many more uses beyond sales. For example, our own CRM system for tablets (De Facto eCRM) has also been designed with field service workers in mind.

Here are just five ways in which De Facto eCRM can help your field service function run more efficiently and provide better customer service than ever before:



Customer details screen

1) Better prepared staff, more happy customers

If the details of a service job change, simply alter the digital record and it will automatically update on the field service worker’s tablet too. Staff can also access detailed service histories and customer contact info, ensuring they are completely prepared for every appointment. De Facto eCRM helps your staff appear professional and knowledgeable, improving the relationship between your business and its customers.

2) Maintain up-to-date, error-free records

Field workers can add notes, photos and diagrams to customer files straight into the system on location, ensuring customer records always contain the most up-to-date information. No more paper work orders lost or forgotten in the back of the truck and no more copying up notes upon return to the office. De Facto eCRM solves any communication problems between field and office staff, smoothing the flow of information between both parties.

3) Complete jobs quicker than ever before


View jobs on a map

Take job requests in the office and send them to your service people in the field, minimising the gap between the time the work order is received and the time it is completed. Managers can view job locations on a map and optimise appointment delegation accordingly, e.g. by giving a job to a worker who happens to be in the same town that morning. As well as cutting fuel costs, this saves company time that could be better spent elsewhere: in front of customers.


4) Measure performance and improve how your team operates

Identify problems before they get out of hand with custom reports created for your precise needs. For example, you could run reports that measure performance by job, client or field worker. These can be scheduled or generated on-demand. Such reports allow you to gain valuable insights into how your business is performing and how it could be improved.



User-friendly calendar interface

5) Accept more bookings and boost revenue

A user-friendly calendar interface makes it easy to identify open time slots and fit in any last-minute appointments – allowing your business to satisfy more customers than ever before and increase profitability.


A tablet app designed to make your field service function shine

This blog post only scratches the surface of what De Facto eCRM can do. Our team of developers are more than happy to customise the system to suit the exact requirements of your business. To find out more or to request a demo, contact our Online Services team today.


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