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As the name implies, a mobile CRM system allows users to access customer data when they’re on the move. But what does this really mean for the operation of your field sales team and your business as a whole? Take a read of the top five business benefits of mobile CRM solutions:

1) A better-prepared sales force

Being able to access full customer data from anywhere gives reps the flexibility to make travel time productive and prepare for sales meetings on the go. Anything that is available within the CRM system becomes available in the tablet version too – from the customer’s purchase history to the complete record of prior correspondence and meetings. And, because the data updates in real-time, you can rest assured that your reps are working with only the very latest information.

2) A superior customer experience

Having the very latest data in your hands empowers your reps to provide instant, accurate answers to any questions your customers may have. Some mobile CRM solutions (such as De Facto eCRM) also include a full product catalogue, meaning your reps can show customers product images and specifications without carrying around cumbersome folders. Both of these factors help your sales people come across as professional, informed and helpful.

3) Improved team collaboration

Any notes that are added to an account record can be accessed by any of your sales reps, no matter where they are. This means that if a rep has to fill in for somebody else at the last minute, all they need to do to get up-to-date with the customer’s account history is look at their tablet.

4) A shorter sales cycle

Imagine how useful it would be if your reps could access information such as stock availability and current pricing models during a customer meeting. Mobile CRM solutions place this valuable information at your sales peoples’ fingertips, enabling your business to shorten the sales cycle by decreasing the number of phases required to secure the sale.

5) Faster delivery

A mobile CRM solution bridges the gap between the close of a sale and the start of the fulfilment process. Orders can be processed as soon as the agreement has been made, rather than when your sales rep gets back to the office later that afternoon or the next day. Faster turnaround means higher customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales in the long-term.

Our own mobile CRM solution (De Facto eCRM) offers all of these benefits and more. To find out more about what the app could do for your business, click here.


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