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De Facto eCRM is a mobile customer relationship management tool and is one of our most popular software applications. Optimised for the iPad and accessible from any major web browser, the eCRM system enables sales representatives and those working remotely to access, manage and update customer information even when on the move. To give you a taste of what this powerful software can do, this blog post takes a whistle-stop tour of eCRM’s key features…

Access from anywhere

Because eCRM is browser-based, you can instantly access the system from anywhere with an internet connection. There’s no software installation involved, so you can get to the information you need right away without any fuss. Simply enter your Windows login credentials and away you go!

De Facto eCRM

Connect to the eCRM system, no matter where you are

Useful ‘with customer’ mode

Need to access the system during a customer meeting? No worries: just tick the ‘with customer’ box when you log in. This will automatically hide information such as profit margins, so you don’t need to worry about sensitive data being read by unwanted eyes.

At-a-glance overview of today’s tasks

Once you’ve logged in, the system will present you with your To Do list for that day, separating read items from those that are still pending review. This makes managing your day-to-day workload simple and straightforward.

If you’d prefer a different eCRM main page, the home screen can be set up to show any combination of elements. Choose from a wide range of options, including diary, event map and your contact list (more information on these coming up!)

De Facto eCRM

Configure the system to show the information most important to you

Create new records (or ‘events’) on the fly

Creating a record for a meeting, phone call, purchase or other ‘event’ couldn’t be easier. Dropdown boxes and date selectors make inputting the required information quick and simple. Features such as the ability to choose an event type, set the priority and link the task to a customer record make organising your workload even easier. 

De Facto eCRM

Add new events using a quick form that’s optimised for touch screen devices

Stay on top of things with the diary view

The eCRM diary view presents tasks in a calendar style interface, displaying any upcoming meetings, annual leave and scheduled phone calls for a specified month, week or day. Within this view, you can browse all diary events or use filters to show specific results, individuals or team events.

De Facto eCRM

View the day’s upcoming events in a calendar style view

Access detailed customer data

De Facto eCRM can give users the ability to view and edit all customer data, including contact details and event history (for example, a record of all communications that have taken place between your business and the customer). The system can also be configured to enable custom fields specific to your company. For example, here at De Facto Software, our eCRM application shows us which version and modules of the De Facto ERP system each customer is using.

If your business uses ERP software, you will be pleased to know that eCRM is easily integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning solutions – whether by the De Facto brand or any other. However, eCRM works great as a standalone system too. The choice is yours!

The information accessible from within the system is extensive, but you don’t have to worry about drowning in data: search, filter and sort functions make it easy to find the exact customer or other record you’re looking for.


De Facto eCRM

Anything that can be accessed in De Facto ERP can be accessed within eCRM too

Take advantage of Google Maps integration

Useful mapping features enable you to visualise customer and event locations so you know exactly where your sales reps are and what they have planned for the future. The system enables you to optimise your time and resources by showing members of your team the locations of nearby customers and providing them with directions. You can also quickly identify untargeted territory to maximise your selling opportunities.

De Facto eCRM

Visualise where customers and meetings are located
thanks to useful mapping features

Download reports instantly

Need a stock update or a report on task monitoring while on customer premises? Build custom BI (Business Intelligence) reports using your CRM data and make them available in the eCRM system. Reports can be downloaded as PDF, Word, Excel or CSV files, depending on what you need.

De Facto eCRM

Download reports in a variety of formats

Keep your data protected with enhanced security options

Built-in security features make it possible to revoke access to the system remotely – a great safety precaution should a company tablet become lost or stolen.

It’s also easy to set up user roles and set permissions accordingly. For example, a sales representative might be able to access reports on their personal progress, whereas a manager could see information for their entire team and a director would have access to the analysis data. With De Facto eCRM, everyone sees exactly what they need to see to do their job well.

Even more De Facto eCRM features

As well as all the great features above, De Facto eCRM also provides the following benefits:

A completely customisable design

The look and feel of the application can be adapted to complement your brand

An interface that’s as easy to use as it is to look at

The simple, clear design features large buttons and text entry fields to ensure using the system on touch screen devices is stress-free

Fully integrated with  an ERP system or available as a standalone solution

The application seamlessly integrates with the ERP database but is equally effective when used in isolation

Useful calculator widget 

Conduct complex accounting during sales negotiations – the system can calculate anything from currency conversions to profit margins for you

This whistle-stop tour merely touches the surface of what De Facto eCRM can do. To find out more, visit the eCRM page on our main website or get in touch with us today.


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