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Premium wines specialists and long-time De Facto Software customer Hatch Mansfield has just gone live with its new website. The upgraded site is not only faster and easier to use for Hatch Mansfield’s customers, but it is also much simpler to edit thanks to the installation of De Facto CMS 2.

The new version of our CMS (Content Management System) allows users to edit content ‘in line’. Whereas other CMS editors require the user to make their changes in a separate interface, with De Facto CMS 2 you can make your changes on the page itself and see them take effect instantly.

De Facto CMS 2 on the Hatch Mansfield website

Hatch Mansfield’s website with CMS 2 enabled

The CMS gives the Hatch Mansfield team even more control over the content, layout and styling of their website. A variety of options are available for text formatting, paragraphing, and links.

Div containers (page sections) can be added with just the click of a button, with no need to go to a developer. Users who are code-savvy can simply click on ‘source’ to access the HTML for the page. Likewise, the CMS also makes it simple to apply CSS styling.

The CMS also features an easy-to-use image uploader, allowing users to quickly insert images into a page.

De Facto CMS 2 image uploader on the Hatch Mansfield website

The 'Attach File' button allows you to upload additional images to the page

Charlie Calver, who was lead developer on the project and has been with De Facto for 12 years, said: “Other CMS editors can be quite limited in terms of their features but our upgraded content management system will give Hatch Mansfield much more control. Best of all, they can literally see their changes as they make them, rather than having to edit and save the content in a pop-up.”

To find out more about De Facto CMS 2 or to request a demo, get in touch with us today.

The website's fresh new look was designed by Mark Lawson.

Click here to visit the Hatch Mansfield website.


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