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How much time and effort do you put into your social media strategy? Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter make incredibly powerful online marketing platforms, yet many businesses do not spend enough time planning and maintaining their social media pages. This can result in missed business opportunities. As a reminder of why social media is so important, have a read of our Top 5 Reasons to Optimise Your Company’s Social Media Pages.

1. On social media, your business can reach almost anyone

Everyone and their dog (literally) is a member of at least one social media site and in many cases people are active on several. Consider these amazing stats:

Chances are, most of your existing customers are on social media and many more potential customers are too. Because social media usage is so widespread, and because such a massive percentage of those users are active on a regular basis, social media opens up a world of marketing opportunities for your business.

It’s vital to take the time to develop strategies to grow your following and increase your engagement with followers. With social media, the greater the expertise and time spent by those running the pages, the greater the rewards you will reap.

2.  Social media can drive traffic to your website

Social media users love to share links to interesting content they think their connections will enjoy too. Those social connections might be friends, family members or even business contacts.

Maintaining a company page gives you the power to kick-start the link sharing process by distributing links to your followers, enabling them to drive others to your website with just a click of a button.

To really maximise the potential of social link sharing, it’s essential to develop a strategy and perfect the timing, tone and frequency of your posts.

3. Social media improves your brand’s visibility in search results

Simply by having a presence on several networks, your brand could be listed multiple times in results for the same search query, maximising your company’s SEO. Better yet, if set up correctly, your Google+ page enhances your search listings in two ways. Take a look at how De Facto Software's Google+ page has enhanced our search listing:

A link to our Google+ page is included alongside the listing for our website’s
home page, along with a snippet from a recent Google+ post by us

‘+1’s, the Google+ equivalent of Facebook ‘likes’, appear in search results and act as ‘seals of approval’ for your web pages. Read more about the +1 button and search results here

Linking your Google+ page to your website in this way is an advanced feature of Google+. If you’d like our social media experts to set this up for you, get in touch.

4. Social media improves brand awareness

Taking the time to set up and maintain social media pages enables you to reinforce your brand identity and keeps your company ‘top of mind’ when consumers come to making those vital purchasing decisions. Imagine you run a furniture company, for example. When a consumer is reconsidering a room in their home, they are more likely to think of a brand they've seen on Facebook, Google+ or another social media network.

To ensure your brand is being represented at its best, it’s crucial to step back and evaluate on-page elements such as design, tone of voice, content strategy and the use of applications.

5. Social media users convert

Several studies have found that there is a direct correlation between engaging with a brand on social media and purchasing from that company. For example, a study by market research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey found that consumers prefer to buy from brands they have ‘Liked’ on Facebook (51% higher probability to buy) or ‘Followed’ on Twitter (67% higher). 

It seems that the more active your company is on social media, the higher the financial gains.


Optimise your social media presence today

Social media is one of the most exciting marketing tools your business has at its disposal. If used properly, with a well-researched and thought-out strategy, it could make a dramatic difference to your business.

De Facto Software offers social media training, strategy and full account management. To find out more about our social media services, contact us.

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