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Last Friday marked the beginning of several days of festive fun here at De Facto Software. After a year of hard work and exciting new projects, it was time to deck the tree, prep the presents and indulge in a bit of the Christmas spirit. 

Seasonal sweaters

Many members of staff opted to don a Christmas jumper in celebration of the festive period. Lee, one of our technical specialists, was particularly proud of his seasonal sweater, which featured real jingling bells (see it for yourself below!)

Lee Ingham Christmas jumperLee's amazing jingling jumper

Secret Santas

Paul, our Director of Online Services, revealed that he had prepared a special game to mark the occasion. Entitled 'A De Facto Christmas Disguise', the JavaScript-powered quiz showed photos of people at De Facto disguised as Santa Claus and asked us to guess the identities of the bearded imposters.

Lee Ingham Christmas jumperThe De Facto office Christmas tree

Next up was the exchange of gifts. A Secret Santa had been organised, with each gift being placed under our office tree until that morning. Andy, a member of the Online Services team, was very pleased with his gift: a hair brush designed specifically for bald heads. The clever accessory features a handy soft cloth for buffering hairless head skin to a glorious shine.

Party time

In the evening, everyone headed to the restaurant at Jimmy's Farm for the office Christmas party. The restaurant is a popular local eatery and the farm itself has been featured in a BBC Two documentary and is run by Jimmy Doherty, a childhood friend of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Lee Ingham Christmas jumperThe office party

And, as if Friday's delicious three course meal wasn't enough, this afternoon we are enjoying a selection of tasty treats homebaked by Kieran and Emily. Kieran, a support analyst, brought in a traditional yule log. Meanwhile, Emily, one of our MIS developers, has treated us to a tin of homemade iced biscuits.

From all of us here at De Facto, we sincerely hope you have a very merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. See you in 2014!

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Yule log and iced biscuits, baked by Kieran and Emily, respectively
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