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Today marks the penultimate instalment of our blog series and this time around, we’re looking at how to use Twitter lists to filter your tweet feed. Without further ado then, here it is…

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Use Twitter lists to filter your tweet feed

Following other Twitter users is a simple way to grow your own following, as most ‘tweeps’ (Twitter users) will return the favour. But what do you do when your Twitter feed becomes full of so many tweets you can’t easily see those from people you are most interested in?

Twitter offers a simple solution: lists. A Twitter list contains, as you would expect, only the users that you have selected to group together. Clicking on the name of the list will show only the tweets from people within that list.

You may find it useful to create a list for your clients and partners, as well as one for industry news. Twitter gives you the option to make lists public or private, which is useful if you don’t want your client list visible to your competitors.

Another benefit is that you do not have to follow a user in order to add them to a list – so, provided a user has opted to make their tweets public, you can add that person to your group.

To create a list on Twitter, complete the following instructions:

1. Click the Settings icon and choose ‘Lists’. Click the 'Create List' button.

Twitter Lists step 1

2. Give your list a name, description and choose whether you want it to be public or private. Click ‘Save’. To view the feed, simply click on the list name.

Twitter Lists step 2

3. To add somebody to a list, click the icon that looks like a head and shoulders and select 'Add or remove from lists...', then follow the provided options.

Stephen Fry Twitter page
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