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Improve your digital marketing techniques into 2014 and beyond with our 12 Days of Online Marketing Tips blog series. This post forms our ninth instalment and shows how to optimise your marketing content for mobile internet connections by using Smushit, an image resizing tool.

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Optimise your campaigns for mobiles using Smushit

With a large proportion of the world’s Internet traffic coming from mobile devices rather than desktop browsers, it’s essential to optimise your online marketing strategies for mobiles.

As mobile internet connections can be slower, you should ensure images in email marketing newsletters, websites and social media are the smallest size possible to minimise page load time.

Luckily, there is a free tool that makes this easy. Yahoo! provides an image converter called Smushit, which removes unnecessary bytes from the file without changing their look or visual quality.

To minimise the size of an image file using Smushit, follow the easy instructions below:

1.. Go to and click on 'Uploader'. Click 'Choose File' to find the desired image on your computer.

How to use Smushit, step 1

2. The uploaded will automatically ‘smush’ the image for you and then it will tell you how much it managed to decrease the image’s byte size by. Click ‘Download Smushed Image’ to save a copy of the smushed image to your computer.

How to use Smushit, step 2

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