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Our online marketing experts are so generous they’ve decided to share 12 of their favourite SEO, social media and analytics tips in this, our 12 Days of Online Marketing tips blog series. By the end, you’ll find yourself full of bright ideas for making your digital marketing campaigns a success.

Missed the past five days’ tips? No worries: simply head to the Related Links area of this post.

On with Day 6’s tip, then…

SEO checklist – where to use keywords

Every time you complete a new page for your website or finish a blog post, you should go back to check that the page is optimised for search engines. Use our keyword placement checklist to get you started:

Where to use keywords to optimise a page for search engines

SEO keyword chjecklist: Page title, Meta description, Anchor text, Image alt attribute, H1 heading, Body copy

Here’s an example of a page from our own website, showing how keywords have been distributed across the page:

Screenshot showing SEO keyword placement

Keyword usage on our Social Media Services page

And here's how our keywords appear on a search engine results page for the term 'social media services':

Keyword usage as shown on a search result listing

Will you be using our SEO keyword checklist? Leave a comment to tell us how it will help you.

Tomorrow we’ll be posting the seventh tip in this series – this time, we’ll show you how Twitter lists can help your online marketing strategies. Check back tomorrow to read all about it!


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