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This year, we’re starting our 12 Days of Christmas countdown early. For the past three days, we’ve been publishing our 12 Days of Online Marketing tips blog series. Each day, we’ve posted a helpful insight into how to maximise the potential of anything from SEO to social media. 

If you missed the first three days of advice, don’t worry: you can find links to these in the Related Links section below today’s tip. Speaking of today’s tip, here it is…

Find inspiration for your blog posts – just ask your social media followers

Sometimes it seems difficult to think of fresh ideas for your company blog and to figure out what kind of posts will be a hit with your customers. There’s a simple solution though: just ask them! Instead of guessing what will pull traffic to your blog, allow your social media followers to enlighten you as to what they want to read about.

You could phrase your question in an open way, like this:
“What would you like to know more about? Let us know by leaving a comment and we’ll bear your suggestions in mind when writing our next blog post”

Alternatively, give your followers a couple of options to choose from. For example:
“We’re debating what to write our next blog post about! You tell us: what would you like to learn more about – xxx or xxx?”

You could even take this concept further by using an image to illustrate the idea of the two different topics going 'head-to-head' and make your post stand out in the news feed.

You may find presenting the question as a head-to-head vote attracts more responses, as users are able to make a quick decision based on a limited number of choices.

How do you find inspiration for your blog posts? Leave a comment below to let us know.

P.S. Don’t forget to pop by tomorrow, when we’ll be offering advice on running photo contests on Instagram.


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