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Have you considered what a document management system could do for your business? This type of software solution could save your company valuable time, space and money.  From freeing up room in the office to enabling your teams to work more efficiently together document management systems boast a wealth of benefits. Read about five of the key advantages below.

1. Save money with reduced storage costs

Document management systems can process both electronic and paper documents, so there’s no need to waste money on unsightly filing cabinets. The added bonus is that you’ll also be left with much more space in your office, creating a tidy, clean, more pleasant working environment for your staff and a better impression when customers visit your premises.
Document management system security options

A document management system makes it easy to control who can see confidential information

2. Powerful security options

Configurability options allow senior members of the company to control who has access to certain documents and who does not. With a document management system, there’s no need to worry about sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands.

3. Cut down on copying costs

Because documents can be digitally accessed by all staff required to see them, there is no need to use a photocopier to share data. Investing in a document management system and eliminating the need for photocopying could save your business hundreds of pounds.
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Process Excel spreadsheets automatically

4. Save time with automated document processing

Document management systems are able to process certain types of documents automatically. For example, De Facto’s document management system can process expenses from Excel spread sheets, store proof of delivery information, automatically release sales invoices, and create sales orders from received files. Automating these processes will leave your team with time to be more productive in other aspects of their roles.

5. Work more efficiently

Because documents can be linked to other data, a document management system keeps invoices, orders and the like organised and easy to find – saving time and preventing any frustration over misplaced files.

Document management systems are particularly useful when used as part of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system such as De Facto ERP . For example, a scanned purchase invoice can be linked to the transaction and everyone that opens that window will see the attached invoice straight away. What’s more, the software makes it simple to send the electronic documents directly to the responsible party (for approval for example), or a missing POD directly to the customer. No more forgotten papers in office in-trays; documents awaiting action are automatically added to the relevant staff member’s ‘to do’ list, ensuring that the documents are dealt with in a swift manner.

Do you use a document management system (whether as part of De Facto ERP or as a standalone product)? Share your insights by leaving a comment below.

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