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A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can dramatically improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and boost sales. More than anything, CRM software increases the efficiency of your sales staff. Here are the five top ways in which such systems can improve productivity while saving valuable time:

1. Notifications and prompts improve time management

CRM systems enable users to create reminders and alerts and later prompt users to follow up on them. This enables your sales team to manage their time more effectively, chasing up customer enquiries at the right moment.

2. Automated processes eliminate the need for repetitive manual processes

Users of CRM software are able to create custom workflow processes that can then be automated. This increases the speed at which sales staff can handle tasks such as creating new customer profiles and frees up their time to focus on other activities.

3. Centralised customer information enables staff to work better as a team

Because customer records are available to every member of the team, sales staff are informed enough to talk to any customer that gets in touch – regardless of whether or not they have spoken to the customer before. This is particularly helpful when one member of the team is on holiday and needs a colleague to cover his or her work during that time.

4. Detailed customer records allow staff to deal with customer enquiries quickly

With CRM systems, all the information related to a customer can be found in one place. This includes any correspondence (email, phone calls, social media), as well as their purchase history and responses to marketing activities. Equipped with all this data, members of the sales team feel fully prepared to answer customer queries quickly and effectively.

5. Productivity problems can be solved right away

Sales managers are able to access all information on how customer queries and orders have been handled by team members. Any issues can be identified and rectified quickly, eliminating inefficient practices as soon as they arise.

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