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Welcome to the second instalment of our 12 Days of Online Marketing Tips blog series! If you’ve already read yesterday’s post you’ll know that our gift to you this Christmas is 12 days’ worth of digital marketing tips. Our gems of wisdom, on topics ranging from SEO to blogging, will equip you with the know-how to ensure your online marketing campaigns, this Christmas and beyond, are a huge success.

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Our second tip provides advice on why pinning directly from your website will help create valuable backlinks across Pinterest.

Why you should always pin directly from your website

How do you pin product images on your company’s Pinterest page? If you haven’t already installed the ‘Pin It’ browser add-on, now is the time to do so. Using this button can save you valuable time for every pin you make.

Pinterest allows users to provide a URL with each pin they add to the site. When another user views the full size version of that pin, clicking on the image will lead them to the submitted URL.  This is a great way to spread links back to your company’s website and increase its traffic.

Using Pinterest’s upload function requires you to manually enter the URL. However, the Pin It browser add-on automatically attaches the link to the pin.

How to use the Pin It button

To install the add-on, visit the Pin It download page and choose the version that is suitable for your browser. Then, follow these step-by-step instructions to make the most of the add-on:

1. Go to your website and find the page from which you would like to pin an image

The page from which we'll be pinning an image. Click to enlarge screenshot

2. Click on the Pinterest button next to your browser’s address bar

Pin an image from your website using the Pin It button - step 2
Pin It button as shown in
Google Chrome

3. The add-on will launch a pop-up containing all the images on the page. Choose your desired picture

Pin an image from your website using the Pin It button - step 3
Our pinning options. Click to enlarge screenshot


4. Fill in a description — or, if you use the image alt attribute, this will have already been filled in for you

Pin an image from your website using the Pin It button - step 4
By default, the description is pulled from the image 'alt' attribute.
Click to enlarge screenshot


5. Click Pin It and view your pin. No need to enter a URL — as you can see, this has already been attached by the add-on

Pin an image from your website using the Pin It button - step 5
Viewing the pin - the link is automatically generated. Click to enlarge screenshot

This is a fantastic way to create backlinks for your site in a speedy, almost effortless way.

Remember: every time somebody repins your product image, they will take the picture’s attached URL with it – helping to spread more and more links back to your website.

How do you use Pinterest to increase traffic to your website? Leave a comment below to join the conversation.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, when we’ll be gifting you a fantastic tip on using Hootsuite.


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