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It’s Day 3 of our 12 Days of Online Marketing Tips blog series! That means you get to unwrap your third digital marketing tip. Today, it’s on the topic of Hootsuite, the social media monitoring software. Missed out on Day 1 and Day 2’s tips first time round? Click these links to catch up: 

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For those of you that are ready to move on to Day 3’s tip, here it is:

Use Hootsuite to track conversations about your brand

If you’re not using Hootsuite already, we highly recommend it for managing your social media accounts. One of the great features of this browser-based application is that it makes it easy to spot potential leads in the form of conversations other people are having about your brand.

While most social media interfaces reveal who has tagged your account by using the @ symbol in an update, Hootsuite makes it easy to monitor who is writing about your brand without tagging its username.

Rather than performing regular searches of the social networks, with Hootsuite you can add the list of results to a stream that sits alongside your home feeds, scheduled posts and private messages. Hootsuite updates this in real-time, so there is no need to keep refreshing the results.

Hootsuite dashboard screenshot

The Hootsuite dashboard

In addition to tracking your brand name, you could also track generic terms associated with your products. This may help you generate additional leads. For example, if your business sells office equipment, you could track the terms ‘can anyone recommend’ and ‘office supplier’. Then, if anybody in the Twittersphere is asking for a recommended supplier of office equipment, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

To start tracking a particular term, complete the following steps:

1. Set up Hootsuite if you haven’t already. Then click Add Stream

Step-by-step images for tracking keywords in Hootsuite

2. Choose your social network and click the second tab: ‘Search’

Step-by-step images for tracking keywords in Hootsuite

3. Enter your desired term as the search query. Enclose it in quotation marks to ensure only the exact phrase is tracked, rather than individual words. In this example, we'll be tracking mentions of "Google Analytics". Click Add Stream

Step-by-step images for tracking keywords in Hootsuite

4. It’s all set up! Now, every time somebody mentions your brand name or other set term, you’ll see the post appear in this stream. The image below shows mentions of "Google Analytics" from all around Twitter

Step-by-step images for tracking keywords in Hootsuite

So, there you have it: the third online marketing tip of our 12-part blog series. Don’t forget to check by tomorrow for the next top tip. We’ll be revealing an easy way to acquire fresh ideas for your next blog post.

Do you use Hootsuite or other social media management software? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.


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