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Team ‘DeFactoMo’ ditch the shaving and join thousands of other men in support of Men’s Health. 

Each year in the month of November, ‘Mo Bros’ across the globe take part in the moustache orientated fund-raising event: Movember. The aim of the campaign is to enhance awareness of men’s health, predominantly in that of Prostate and Testicular Cancer. Raising an impressive sum of £79.3m for men’s health last year, it is the single biggest funder of prostate cancer research in the world.

Some of the men at De Facto worked hard growing their ‘taches since the start of November in support of the campaign, and it seems their creativity as the weeks went by in fact became their motivation, with bleaching, red dye and some particularly creative cuts taking shape towards the end of the month.

Team DeFactoMo’s efforts were rounded off with the ‘DeFactoMoShowdown’ curry, where a final supper was enjoyed to celebrate the end of their furry lip friends.

Despite complaints of itchiness and struggle from some with the up-keep, I have a slight suspicion that our men had in fact become fond of their carefully nurtured moustaches, and were in fact, somewhat sad when the time came to sheer them off. Perhaps they feel they’ve lost their mo-jos…

Team ‘DeFactoMo’ are proud to have raised a considerable grand total of £870 for Movember and I’m pretty sure they’re all looking forward to trying to raise even more next year!


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